Olibanum‘ was created in homage to the emotive and mystical fragrance of frankincense.Olibanum 12ml Perfume Oil

Historically in perfumery frankincense is referred to by its old name olibanum, derived from the Arabic word “al-luban” which means “that which results from milking”. There are no surprises with this perfume, if you love to burn the pure resins or use the oils in some way then you will be familiar with and hopefully delighted by the Olibanum’s development.

It starts with a burst of fresh grassy notes and cypress leaf with its citrus, pine and slightly spicy character. This is complemented with a little Australia blue cypress heart-wood which adds a terpene aspect. I’ve added a little juniper berry here to balance the cypress wood a little with a little peppery fruitiness.

I spent a lot of time coming up with a combination of frankincense oils and extracts that resulted in a representative frankincense scent, one that has aspects of the various different oils sourced from around the globe.

Frankincense ResinFrankincense resin is sourced from many members of the genera Boswellia but the resins that are usually used in perfumery are harvested mainly from B. carterri and B. serrata. The former has a more lemon / piny and the latter has more incense / woody notes. Other less common species used include B. frereana, B. neglecta and B. rivae each with their own unique aspects. The heart of ‘Olibanum’ balances aspects of all these oils to an archetypal representation of frankincense in a balanced, harmonious way.


Much later, as the fragrance comes to the end of its time, a cold ash note becomes present – in the way that ash is left after the resin is burnt. Lastly, the fragrance finishes close to the skin with a subtle vetyver and moss.

Frankincense Tree

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