Enchanting and dreamy, soft, floral and powdery perfumes.

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Cologne for Alice
"Probably the most beautiful smelling cologne I've ever smelt. I love the delightfully clean musk..
Evelyn's Rose
The Evelyn Rose - pure and simple.  A soliflor for rose lovers.    The Eve..
Fetische 1. An object created to have power over others. 2. The sexual attachment to an o..
Fleur de Magnolia
Rich enveloping florals - orange blossom, jasmine and magnolia with a green tinge drying down to ..
Outwardly a refined, feminine, powdery, spicy Oriental perfume that leaves a trail of lemon, berg..
Jasmin Tabac
A fantasy of sweet pipe tobacco and jasmin sambac with rose, ambergris and velvet musk. Jasmi..