Perfumery is an art. These fragrances are pure expressions of the perfumer's creativity. Unusual, transporting and not to everyone's taste. Please sample before purchasing a full bottle.

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Fetische 1. An object created to have power over others. 2. The sexual attachment to an o..
Jasmin Tabac
A fantasy of sweet pipe tobacco and jasmin sambac with rose, ambergris and velvet musk. Jasmi..
There are many, many fragrances out there with oud or agarwood as one of the featured notes. Of c..
When frankincense is used in perfumery, it is referred to with its old name Olibanum. The name Ol..
"Rajkumari" is Hindi for princess and while composing this perfume, the image of a Hindu deity or..
Siberian Fir
  Deep Fir. Not what you would expect. Siberian Fir is..
Vanille Tonique
  For lovers of Vanilla! Vanille Tonique is a rich, de..