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There are many, many fragrances out there with oud or agarwood as one of the featured notes. Of course there is never any actual real oud oil in these fragrances as it is way too expensive. The oud note that wearers have come to expect is a fantasy and not really anything like the experience of real, genuine oud oil.  Nirvana is my attempt to provide you with this experience. I've used a high proportion of natural ingredients  blended to provide the incredible richness of the funky top note and the floral, rosy, jamminess and dry deep woodiness of a real, sticky, Cambodian oud.


Buddha was believed to have said that the smell of agarwood burning "is the scent of Nirvana".


"Mark Evans has created a brilliantly believable replica of real oud with Nirvana. Of the ten or so commercial oud fragrances that I tried, none came anywhere near as close to smelling of real oud as Nirvana does. Fans of oud, or perfume lovers who want to try a realistic oud fragrance should try Nirvana." - Melita from Perfume Polytechnic

Also, Stefanie Jahn does a much better description of the experience of wearing Nirvana than I ever could. Please read her review on the Fragrantica site here .


I'm loving your 'Nirvana'. I have some real oud samples and you have captured the loveliest aspects of them perfectly. It's technically very impressive perfumery, and a gorgeous perfume to wear too." - Toni


***NOTE that this oil may need a bit of a shake before applying***


Evocative perfume oils are highly concentrated and only require a small dab or two to experience them. Remember, less is more when applying perfume oils! Your 12ml bottle is estimated to last as long as a 50ml eau de parfum strength alcohol based perfume.


Funk Jammy Notes Rose Oud Wood Sandalwood
Funk Jammy Notes Rose Oud Sandalwood