Jude the Obscure

After Evelyn’s Rose turned out so well and seems to be universally liked, I thought I would look at other rose varieties, particularly the David Austin roses. There’s one called Jude the Obscure which has been recommended as an amazing smelling rose with hints of guava and white wine. I love the name as well, it’s named after a character in the Thomas Hardy novel of the same name.

Jude the Obscure Roses

Jude the Obscure Roses

So, I’m now on a quest to be able to smell these roses. There’s one grower in South Australia which supplies David Austins – they are wholesale but I paid them a visit anyway as they are not far from where I live. The girls there were helpful and interested in the idea and quite willing to let me have a wander around the plantation and have a sniff, but it appears I was too late in the season and nothing was blooming anymore. Drats. There were a few straggly blooms around, but nothing of interest.  Ah well, looks like I’ll have to wait six months or so till the blooms are at their best and try again. Watch this space.


Evelyn’s Rose

The Evelyn Rose – pure and simple.  A soliflor for rose lovers.Evelyns Rose Perfume Oil

The Evelyn Rose flower itself is a David Austin English rose named in honour of the Crabtree & Evelyn company that used this rose in a range of their products. The rose has a wonderfully cottage garden, antique rose smell with hints of peach and apricot.

This perfume was created in honour of my Nan as she loves her roses and has an Evelyn Rose growing in her back garden. After smelling the blooms one day I vowed I would reproduce the scent as best I could as a perfume for her. Her name is also Evelyn so the title just fitted perfectly.

I am quite proud of the fact that I didn’t use any pre-made rose bases in this perfume. The rose accord was made myself from first principles.


Fleur de Magnolia

Rich in enveloping floral notes of orange blossom, jasmine and magnolia all with a fresh green aspect.Fleur de Magnolia Perfume Oil

The classic magnolia formula is based on ylang ylang, orange blossom and lily of the valley with some rose and a bright green citrus top.

Fleur de Magnolia also includes a little spiciness in the form of a carnation note along with green tea, a little myrrh and a touch of civet which all add some complexity and interest to the perfume.

When I started work Fleur de Magnolia, fine perfumes that featured magnolia were decidedly out of fashion, with Chanel’s Magnolia being a notable exception.  Since then, for some unexplained reason, there has been a plethora of new Magnolia fragrances released, especially in the niche arena.  Maybe they all had the same idea at the same time!