Evaporating Amber

I’m here trying to work on a deep, rich amber perfume, not the real fossilised amber as you would imagine the Amber Room in the Tsarskoye Selo palace in Russia would smell, but the fantasy amber accord that magically emerges from a combination of benzoin, labdanum, vanilla and a little patchouli.

The Amber Room

The Amber Room

Aromatics and fruity notes like pear and fig are currently in the top notes which are blending nicely into a little saffron, rose and spices before the baton is passed to the amber and leather base.

All good and well and the perfume is progressing nicely. But, do I really need to choose this particular day to work on it?  It’s the middle of an Aussie summer, the outside temperature in Adelaide is currently 44C and our air-conditioner has thrown in the towel. Not only is this a rich, sweet fragrance perfect for wintery weather, but if I turn my back for any amount of time without lidding the test vials, the liquid just evaporates. Sheesh.


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