Siberian Fir

“(Siberian Fir) is an absolute triumph!”- KerriSiberian Fir Perfume Oil

“Sweetly fresh, dark fruit and wood balsam. Reminds me of the cool shade of a conifer”

Available as a 12ml perfume oil or a 50ml eau de toilette.

Siberian Fir is inspired by my discovery of a unique material that is only produced by a single manufacturer in Russia – a fir needle extract so sublimely beautiful that it needed to have a perfume created around it and hopefully I have managed to do it justice with this creation.

Siberian Fir trees grow across North Eastern Europe, Finland and North America as well as northern parts of China. This extract, rather than having a pine forest freshness as you’d expect, instead has deep, sweet, mellow-balsamic, rich fruitiness with a coniferous undertone. An absolute pleasure to smell.


The top note of this perfume has been freshened up with some regular fir needle essential oil which does indeed have a fresh, coniferous, pine scent but has been dosed so as not to overwhelm the concept of Siberian Fir, just to add some brightness to the first few minutes of the fragrance.

There are two other main components to Siberian Fir that play a supporting role – poplar bud and Buddha wood.Poplar Buds

Poplar bud absolute is extracted from the buds of North American Balsam Poplar trees. These trees grow close to large bodies of water and at certain times of the year the buds seep with resin and are best harvested early on freezing cold mornings before the resin warms up and becomes too sticky to handle.  Extract of this resin is mixed with a combination of bees wax and a base oil to create Balm of Gilead – traditionally used as a soothing relief balm for comforting minor aches and pains and a chest rub for colds and flus. The smell is green and fruity fresh yumminess.

The Australian Buddha Wood tree is also known as Desert Rosewood. The heartwood oil has a smooth,  woody, oak and sandalwood smell that shows up towards the base note of Siberian Fir.

Roman chamomile and rose oils provide a floral balance to all of the balsamics and woods in the formula. There is a high proportion of botanic ingredients in Siberian Fir – over 90% – the highest of all the Evocative perfumes so far.