About Us

A Note From the Perfumer

Living and working in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia, I have been exploring the scented world and learning the craft of perfumery for many years now. Often working late into the night I have slowly built up my knowledge of the subtleties and interactions of the many wonderful materials that are used. This is a never-ending course in nature's olfactory secrets that I will never stop studying.

Many times a perfume's composition will head down a surprising path and sensing when this path will either lead to something uninteresting or to a whole new universe of delights is all part of the skill that comes with experience. I have had some wonderful successes along the way and on this site I offer for sale the most interesting and evocative of those successes. Sometimes an accord of notes will appear that surprises, excites, shocks or evokes emotions experienced long ago. Such moments are treasured and can form the foundation for a perfume that I hope may inspire and haunt others.

Thankfully, I have not had to work in total isolation. There is a community of passionate and talented enthusiasts on the web that have freely offered tutelage and shared their discoveries - you know who you are. There are also professionals within the industry who have had the foresight to open up to the wider community and share some of their arcane knowledge through blogs, social media and the press.  To all of these, I express my gratitude.

Thank you,

Mark Evans