"I am so bored with most of the awfully one-dimensional new releases. They lack body, and that has been basically my problem with the few Oud scents I had smelled prior to Nirvana as well. They all smelled awfully flat, just peppery woods, a little offbeat kinky note and a flat musk. But Nirvana is a completely different story. I could make that story quite short and say, well it's another one by evocative perfumes ;-) Layered, complex, fullbodied, I enjoyed it a lot. It was quite an educating fragrance for me, I had really given up on Oud entirely." - Stefanie Jaehn, Fragrantica

"Mark Evans has created a brilliantly believable replica of real oud with Nirvana. Of the ten or so commercial oud fragrances that I tried, none came anywhere near as close to smelling of real oud as Nirvana does. Fans of oud, or perfume lovers who want to try a realistic oud fragrance should try Nirvana." 

A wonderful article introducing Evocative Perfumes to the Fragrantica audience can be found here, written by Stefanie Jaehn....
"The name Evocative Perfumes revealed its meaning to me, as soon as I first smelled Evelyn's Rose. On a cold and grey November day, suddenly it was all there: Images to the scent of my childhood's perfect spring day. The sun already warming in the blue sky, the first apricot-pink colored roses unfolding their buds, laughing family being busy inside the house, some freshly washed linens dangling in a crisp spring breeze and me—being a small child—carefree, laughing, and trying to catch shadows. Evocative—yes, actually I was rendered speechless and in tears of joy."
What a gem! I’m a passionate hiker and love the diversitiy of smells in forests (each smells different, depending on soil and plants) but never found a perfume mimicking any aspect of it really well. Well today I did! Siberian Fir is a true authentic fir branch, freshly broken from the tree, rich, resinous, balsamic, woody with an aImost mouthwatering sharp tinge of tree sap. Great job, Mark!.- Stefanie Jaehn, Fragrantica
Evelyn's Rose has a wonderful review on the Australian Perfume Junkies blog here.
"I took a chance on purchasing a set of samples: four oil-based parfums.
OMG they are all wonderful! But I have to draw particular attention to this one called "Evelyn's Rose". It's hands down the prettiest true rose scent I know." - Christine West
I think Mark's Evelyn Rose smells better on me than Une Rose! It didn't turn sour on me and it stays true for a good 5 hours." - Betty McIntosh
(Siberian Fir) is an absolute triumph!- Kerri
(Jasmin Tabac) "is demonstrating remarkable throw for a single drop of oil! A high fidelity jasmine scent with just a subtle tobacco note accompanying it, making it perfectly unisex in my opinion, so long as florals don't spook you as a guy. I tried Smell Bent's Jasmine Tabac just last night and I have to say, the obvious preference for naturals means the Evocative example is coming off as far classier, more elegant and so far, more tenacious in its longevity."- Gavin Smith
"(Olibanum) Goes on like that stuff I put on my cello bow, memories of ballet class, moments where I believe I'm inhaling from a jar of best Frankincense tears and others where I think I'm in a Spring orchard full of blossom. *sigh* "- Melita White
"I own a sample of Crabtree & Evelyn's 'Evelyn Rose' in EDT and also a FB of it in a room spray. But the C&E scent is not something I want to wear - it just smells like an 'old-fashioned', slightly sour rose frag. Mark's version is a million times better!!!" - Christine West
"...Mark has done some lovely work with unusual mixtures and breathtaking, magical fragrances. They are etherial, earthy and interesting. " - Portia Turbo
"Received my order - pleasantly surprised at the fast delivery. I wanted to buy Imogen, but had to try it out first now I'm confused! Love them all ! Marvelous  artistry here, Evocative  Perfumes" - - Ai Sam, Nagoya, Japan
"The sun is out again today and Aquarelle by Mark Evans at Evocative is making me smile. A watery, shimmering, fruity hallucination of a time in the not too distant future when we shall again shed the layers and migrate to the water to love and contemplate, to laugh and meditate. Highly recommended.... " - Gavin Smith