• Civet (Artificial) 10% in DPG

Olfactory profile:

NOTE: This is a synthetic recreation and contains no animal extracts whatever.
Civet has a powerful scent profile that is animalic, fecal, powdery, leathery, honey, urine and fatty.
Used in traces to add animalic warmth and wearability to many fragrance types. A tiny bit does wonders for French style aldehydic florals and provides reality to oud bases.
Supplied here diluted to 10% by weight in dipropylene glycol for ease of use.

Fully soluble in alcohol
Insoluble in water

Specific Gravity: 1.0

Appearance: Pale yellow to dark orange brown oily liquid to solid

Safety in use: Recommended for use up to 1% of the fragrance concentrate

CAS No: na

Formula: na

Common Synonyms:

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Civet (Artificial) 10% in DPG

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