• Geraniol

Olfactory profile:

Floral, sweet, warm rose note, fruity and citronella-like with a citrus nuance.
Aroma of fresh geranium and roses.

Substantivity: 60 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol
Insoluble in water

Specific Gravity: 0.87

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid.

Safety in use: IFRA restricted to 5.3% in the finished product for perfume use.

CAS No: 106-24-1

Formula: C10 H18 O

Common Synonyms:
beta- geraniol
trans- geraniol
  geraniol 98
  geraniol 980
  geraniol 980 pure
(E)- geraniol alcohol
  geraniol coeur
  geraniol extra
  geraniol perfume grade
  geraniol prime
  geraniol super
(E)- geranyl alcohol
(E)- nerol
(E)- nerol alcohol
(E)- neryl alcohol

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