• Oakmoss Absolute


Extract of evernia prunastri lichen from Morocco.

Olfactory profile:

Green, herbal, woody, mossy, seaweed, earthy, hay and tobacco-like. This is NOT the IFRA compliant version (with reduced atranol). This is the full bodied, untouched, wonderful oakmoss absolute that is increasingly hard to find. It's still perfectly safe to use up to 0.1% of the completed product.
As oakmoss absolute is very thick and gloopy, the bottle will need to be warmed to be able to work with it.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Soluble in:
isopropyl myristate
fixed oils
Partially soluble in alcohol

Appearance: Dark green brown semi-solid.

Safety in use: IFRA restricts use up to 0.1% of finished product.

CAS No: 9000-50-4

Common Synonyms:
evernia prunastri lichen absolute
moss oak absolute
moss-oak absolute IFRA 43
mousse de chene absolute (evernia prunasti spp.)
mousse de chene resinsoap for fragrances
green musk absolute

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Oakmoss Absolute

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