• Styrax Resinoid 70% in BB

Styrax resinoid is alcohol extracted from the gum of trees belonging to the Liquidambar genus. Diluted to 70% by weight in benzyl benzoate to make it more user friendly.
Sourced from India.

Olfactory profile:
Deliciously sweet balsamic styrene, woody, amber. Floral and a little spicy.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol and DPG
Fixed oils

Specific Gravity: 0.98

Appearance: Light amber to amber brown semi-liquid .

Safety in use: IFRA restricts use of Styrax resinoid in perfumery use to 0.46% in the finished product.

CAS No: 8046-19-3

Common Synonyms:
liquidambar styraciflua resinoid
storax resinoid (liquidambar styraciflua)
styrax honduras
styrax resinoide

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Styrax Resinoid 70% in BB

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