• Styrallyl Acetate

Olfactory profile:
Radiant, green-leafy, gardenia, tart rhubarb, metallic with slight plum and pineapple aspects. Wonderful tart, fruity floral top note material.

Substantivity: 8 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol and DPG
Fixed oils

Specific Gravity: 1.0

Appearance: Colourless to pale yellow clear liquid.

Safety in use: Recommended for use up to 5% of the concentrate.

CAS No: 93-92-5

Formula: C10 H12 O2

Common Synonyms:
acetic acid 1-phenylethyl ester
benzenemethanol, a-methyl-, acetate
benzyl alcohol, a-methyl-, acetate
benzyl alcohol, methyl-, acetate
alpha-methyl benzene methanol acetate
alpha-methyl benzyl acetate
alpha-methyl benzyl alcohol acetate
methyl phenyl carbinol acetate
methyl phenyl carbinyl acetate
a-methylbenzenemethanol acetate
±-a-methylbenzyl acetate
a-methylbenzyl acetate
alpha-methylbenzyl acetate
methylphenylcarbinol acetate
methylphenylcarbinyl acetate
1-phenethyl acetate
a-phenethyl acetate
alpha-phenyl ethyl acetate
sec-phenyl ethyl acetate
phenyl methyl carbinyl acetate
1-phenylethyl acetate
a-phenylethyl acetate
phenylmethylcarbinyl acetate
styralyl acetate
styralyl acetate
styrollyl acetate
styrolyl acetate
styryl allyl acetate

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Styrallyl Acetate

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