Benzyl Acetate

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Olfactory profile:

Sweet, jasmine, flowery, fresh and slightly fruity.
Extensively used in all aspects of perfumery, it is almost inevitably the largest component in Jasmin and Gardenia fragrances, and it enters in a multitude of other floral fragrance types in smaller proportions.
Substantivity: 4 hours
Fully soluble in alcohol
dipropylene glycol
fixed oils
propylene glycol
Appearance: Colourless clear liquid.
Safety in use: Recommended for use at up to 30% in the perfume concentrate.
CAS No: 140-11-4
Formula: C9 H10 O2
Common Synonyms:
acetic acid benzyl ester
acetic acid phenyl methyl ester
benzenemethanol acetate
benzenemethanol ethanoate
benzyl alcohol acetate
benzyl ethanoate
ethanoic acid phenylmethyl ester
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