• Rose Crystals

Olfactory profile:
Rose floral, powdery, balsamic, soapy.

Useful to boost the longevity of a rose note in your creation. Generally used in combination with phenyl ethyl alcohol.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol & DPG

Appearance: White crystalline powder.

Safety in use: IFRA recommends use to 0.8% of the fragrance concentrate.

CAS No: 90-17-5

Formula: C10 H9 Cl3 O2

Common Synonyms:
acetic acid alpha-(trichloromethyl) benzyl ester
benzenemethanol, a-(trichloromethyl)-, acetate
rose acetate
trichlor methyl phenyl carbinyl acetate
2,2,2- trichloro-1-phenyl ethyl acetate
trichloromethyl phenyl carbinyl acetate
alpha-(trichloromethyl) benzene methanol acetate
a-(trichloromethyl) benzenemethanol acetate
trichloromethylphenylcarbinyl acetate

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Rose Crystals

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