• Cade Oil (Rectified) 10% in DPG


Juniperus oxycedrus tar oil

Olfactory profile:

Powerfully smoky!  Tar, burnt, grilled, leather, resinous. Similar scent to Birch Tar oil but a little less sharp.
Use in extreme moderation to add smoke to leather or oudh based creations.
Supplied here diluted to 10% by weight in dipropylene glycol.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Soluble in:
benzyl benzoate
dipropylene glycol
isopropyl myristate

Appearance: Dark brown liquid.

Safety in use: IFRA limits the use of cade oil to 0.5% of the fragrance concentrate. (which is enough, believe me!)

CAS No: 8013-10-3

Common Synonyms:
cade essential oil
cade oil
cade oil crude
cade oil USP
prickly cedar tar oil
spanish cedar tar oil
holland balsam
prickly juniper tar oil
red juniper tar oil
juniper tar oil (juniperus oxycedrus)
juniperus oxycedrus tar oil

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Cade Oil (Rectified) 10% in DPG

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