• Choya Nakh 10% in IPM


Destructive co-distillation of onycha seashells in sandalwood oil. 

Olfactory profile:

Choyas are a fascinating group of materials. Produced exclusively in India, the base material (in this case, roasted onycha seashells and sandalwood oil) is placed into sealed earthenware vessels, known as Choyas, which are then heated over a gentle fire until dark, extremely smoky, tarry, oceanic, salty smelling oil drips from a small spout. Smells just like, well, burnt seashells, but in a good way! This process is known as destructive distillation and results in some of the most intensely fragrant materials available to the perfumer.
For use in tiny amounts in incense, fantasy seaside accords or wherever your imagination goes. I will admit to wearing a tiny smear on skin just by itself for an wonderfully warming, extremely masculine aroma. 
Supplied here diluted to 10% by weight in isopropyl myristate for ease of use.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Soluble in:
isopropyl myristate

Appearance: Dark brown liquid.

CAS No: nil

Common Synonyms:

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Choya Nakh 10% in IPM

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