• Galaxolide 50 IPM

Olfactory profile:

This is the polycyclic musk Galaxolide at 50% in Isopropyl Myristate. It has a soft, sweet, floral, clean fragrance that is long lasting and powerful.
Galaxolide is widely used throughout the fragrance industry as it is probably the most versatile of the musks, It is not particularly powdery, laundry clean or ambrette seed-like, but has aspects of all of these.

Substantivity: 400 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol
Insoluble in water

Appearance:  Viscous (glucose-like consistency), colourless liquid.

Safety in use: Recommended for use at up to 50% in the fragrance concentrate.

CAS No: 1222-05-5

Formula: C18 H26 O

Common Synonyms:
galaxolide 50%
betolide 50% 
musk gx 50% 

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Galaxolide 50 IPM

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