• Geosmin 1% in DPG

Olfactory profile:

Smell characteristic of fertile soil and the smell of rain after a long dry spell. Earthy humus.
Note that humans can detect traces of geosmin in tiny trace amounts! Even though it is offered here at at 1% in DPG, I'd recommend diluting this down much further before attempting to use. Also be careful when handling, maybe even do so outside wearing gloves as the scent of wet soil will permeate throughout whatever space you are in.

Substantivity: 68 hours

Fully soluble in alcohol
Insoluble in water

Specific Gravity: 0.78

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid.

Safety in use: Recommended for use up to 0.05% of the concentrate.

CAS No: 23333-91-7

Formula: C12 H22 O

Common Synonyms:

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Geosmin 1% in DPG

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